City of Sullivan and Divine Construction break ground for first home in the Sullivan Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

The City of Sullivan, in partnership with the Sullivan City Redevelopment Commission and Divine Construction, LLC, kicked off the Sullivan Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative with the first groundbreaking towards building a new home in Sullivan, Indiana.

This initiative is a spin-off, or second stage, of the City’s “They Gotta Go” program. Sullivan’s “They Gotta Go Program” has already ridded the city of over 80 unsafe structures since its inception in 2013. This particular property at 409 West Donaldson Street was the very first property acquired by the City Redevelopment Commission and the City of Sullivan provided funding to demolish and clean-up the site. In 2019, the City Redevelopment Commission announced request for proposals for a developing partner to design, construct and then sell a new home on the property. Divine Construction was selected as the partnering company to kick-start the initiative, making it the first housing project under the Sullivan Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative.

“As owners of Divine Construction, Matt and I are excited to be a part of the city’s initiative. We built this construction company on the foundation of faith and family and to give back to Sullivan in this way is truly and honor,” states Christy Pearison. “None of this would have been possible without the support of Mayor Lamb, the Redevelopment Commission, Sullivan County Abstract and Western Indiana Credit Union of Sullivan County. Their beliefs in the city’s vision made this a reality.”

Not only is the City creating an environment for private-public partnerships, Sullivan is proactively creating safe, comfortable neighborhoods that support its vision of being a community to live, work, retire, play and raise a family. The early stages of this new program aim to make an even larger impact within multiple city projects.

“Eliminating blighted homes – these neighborhood eyesores – was just the first step in our process. Constructing new homes increases the assessed value, continues to progressively curb population decline and increases hope in our community,” states Mayor Clint Lamb. “Where folks live makes the biggest economic impact.”

The Sullivan Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative is part of the bigger picture in Sullivan and it certainly aligns with Downtown Sullivan’s slogan – “Feels Good To Be Here.”

The house is projected to be built by Fall 2020. Stay tuned for future project locations.