Dubois County Placed Under Code Orange

The Dubois County Health Department in conjunction with local city and county officials are telling Dubois County residents they need everyone’s assistance in bringing down the number of cases of COVID-19 in the county.

Due to the number of positive cases on the rise in Dubois County the State Department of Health has now placed the county under code ORANGE, which correlates to “Medium to High Community Spread”.

Health officials say this is a huge concern to them and should be to all Dubois County citizens.

While some of the reasons for this increase can be attributed to moving to Stage 5, this is not believed to be the full explanation.

The health department continues to get complaints and concerns that people are not wearing masks or not wearing them properly and are not practicing physical distancing.

The State of Indiana is still under a mask mandate.

Health officials ask you to remember masks are worn to protect those around you by minimizing your droplet spread.

They advise you to wear a mask and to urge your friends and family to do same.

Health officials say Dubois County is very close to being placed in code RED.

If that happens, the State of Indiana may request local authorities to take action.

That could mean the county being moved back to an earlier stage.

The public is asked to do what’s right, wear your mask, practice physical distancing, stay home if you are ill, and avoid crowded gatherings.